At the Backfolde Sanitarium

The Back­folde San­i­tar­i­um is a spe­cial­ized men­tal hos­pi­tal for dis­turbed peo­ple who think they're con­tor­tion­ists. Most pa­tients are young peo­ple who be­lieve them­selves to be world fa­mous per­form­ers.

Many of the pa­tients have in­hu­man stretch­ing abil­i­ties and are some­times ca­pa­ble of repli­cat­ing whole per­for­mances of the con­tor­tion­ists they claim to be. The hos­pi­tal cur­rent­ly has four Alex­ey Goloborod­kos, two Ali­na Rup­pels, five Zlatas and one strange guy call­ing him­self Matthew Mills and con­stant­ly ask­ing where's his friend Sam and if some­body saw his huge beer keg.

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