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As­modeus is a great bar­bar­ian king who works for em­per­or Lu­cifer. His own king­dom Ti­ta­nia is pow­er­ful and in­flu­en­cial, though he main­ly fo­cus­es on con­quests to help ex­pand Lu­cifer's em­pire.

The pe­cu­liar thing about him is his ir­ra­tional fix­a­tion on but­tocks. His en­tire throne is made of paddings that close­ly re­sem­ble a pile of adorable butts form­ing a grotesque shape... Badass!

Like al­most every bar­bar­ian, he has a lik­ing for slen­der, flex­i­ble forms, the re­fined beau­ties that look frag­ile and in need of pro­tec­tion. One of his fa­vorite lovers is the young de­mon called Ar­cus, whom he ob­tained dur­ing one of the many con­quests.

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