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As­modeus is the King of Hell, hav­ing tamed a lot of small de­mon­ic tribes. His king­dom is pow­er­ful and in­flu­en­cial. As­modeus him­self is hailed as the great­est con­queror.

Every­body has some ir­ra­tional fix­a­tion on some­thing, and for As­modeus it sure is the but­tocks! Even his throne is en­tire­ly made of them XD But as a King, he could no longer de­grade him­self with the low­er parts of the low­er class­es and de­cid­ed to hit on the princess and princess­es of oth­er king­doms.

So far he man­aged to take over one such prince, called Ar­cus, whom he turned in­to his per­son­al pet slave and even held in cap­tiv­i­ty for a long time, but Ar­cus fell in love with his mas­ter, so brute force was no longer nec­es­sary :3

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