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Artei a char­ac­ter from my most re­cent TES IV: Obliv­ion ses­sion start­ed on Feb­ru­ary 22nd, 2009 and still on­go­ing. This time I'm not go­ing to do the main quest, in­stead just role-play­ing and trav­el­ling here and there, and will try to ful­ly role-play his ear­ly adult­hood un­til the char­ac­ter is ac­tu­al­ly "ready" to slay the Dae­dra.

He start­ed his child­hood spe­cial­iz­ing most­ly in Ac­ro­bat­ics and by ac­ro­bat­ics I don't mean jump­ing off high cliffs to con­vert health points in­to ex­pe­ri­ence points but more like, as a young boy he was a very tal­ent­ed con­tor­tion­ist and hand-bal­ancer, prac­tic­ing in front of the crowd for bread and on the roofs of high build­ings just for him­self. Oc­ca­sion­al Gray Fox fol­low­ers of­ten no­ticed a sil­hou­ette of a slen­der fig­ure in the dawn, do­ing an el­e­gant pose on top of one build­ing or an­oth­er. Soon Artei be­came a walk­ing ex­am­ple of the hu­man body's abil­i­ties to all peo­ple of Tam­riel and in tav­erns they kept dis­cussing the ru­mors about the new Cir­cus Guild, no­body knew any de­tails but every­body agreed a cir­cus would make a great com­peti­tor to the Are­na as well as a good place for all kinds of phys­i­cal train­ing and an­i­mal tam­ing. But then Artei's life took a whole new twist when the war with Dae­dra re­newed...

Some screen­shots show­ing his in-game ap­pear­ance can be seen here:

(Al­so in­cludes a lit­tle con­tor­tion trick I taught him by hack­ing one of his moves a bit^^)

Full sto­ry

Artei is an or­phan raised by wan­der­ing jug­glers who found him as a lit­tle poor Bre­ton kid hid­ing un­der the bridge. They fed him and the boy told them his par­ents were killed by the mon­sters that at­tacked their vil­lage, but he man­aged to es­cape. The troupe of­fered him to join and he fol­lowed them. They be­came his new fam­i­ly and helped him to mas­ter the art of jug­gling.

The boy had a rather odd habit of stretch­ing in the morn­ing, rais­ing his arms and arch­ing the tor­so un­til his spine pro­duced a se­ries of soft pop­ping sounds, while his body demon­strat­ed an un­usu­al de­gree of flex­i­bil­i­ty. The man who was his teacher asked him about this habit and Artei told him that his dad and mom would of­ten make theirs spines crack while work­ing in the gar­den and then they'd laugh and say it felt like they on­ly just start­ed work­ing. And the man fig­ured that Artei was se­cret­ly try­ing to copy­cat his old par­ents but it took a lot more ef­fort for his young joints to pro­duce said sounds, so he was un­con­scious­ly work­ing hard on in­creas­ing his spine's flex­i­bil­i­ty.

The man en­cour­aged Artei to try grab­bing his foot and pulling it to his head from be­hind, and it wasn't much sur­pris­ing that while do­ing so the boy was per­fect­ly ca­pa­ble of get­ting his heel be­yond his own col­lar­bone. Next, with a lit­tle help from his teacher, he was able to lay on his chest while hav­ing both of his feet stand­ing on the ground next to his shoul­ders (so called "chest­stand"). It suprised even the boy him­self as he'd nev­er have thought of do­ing some­thing like this.

Need­less to say, Artei's new­ly dis­cov­ered tal­ent took the form of ac­ro­bat­ic stunts and was im­me­di­ate­ly in­cor­po­rat­ed in­to their jug­gling per­for­mances and not with­out suc­cess, as their dai­ly in­come near­ly dou­bled. Artei was en­cour­aged to work hard­er and in a few months was ca­pa­ble of fold­ing his body back­wards in half, while at the same time stand­ing on his hands, some­thing that al­ways made the crowd gasp in awe!

Soon the war with Dae­dra re­newed and for the sec­ond time Artei had lost his en­tire fam­i­ly as they were slaugh­tered by the Daedric sol­diers right in front of his eyes while he hid him­self in a tiny niche un­der some build­ing and man­aged to sur­vive. Af­ter a few weeks of liv­ing as a beg­gar, the boy was no­ticed by a priest who brought him to his pri­o­ry, say­ing that he was giv­en a sign about the boy and that Artei's des­tiny is now in the hands of the Nine. Artei was trained to han­dle the sword as well as taught every­thing from the an­cient scrip­tures.

Af­ter turn­ing 20, Artei left the pri­o­ry and joined a few guilds to help him prac­tice the skills most im­por­tant for his quest to de­stroy Dae­dra. While prac­tic­ing his sword fight­ing and heal­ing mag­ic, he didn't for­get about ac­ro­bat­ics and his flex­i­bil­i­ty still served him well dur­ing the hard days, as his morals kept him from steal­ing and killing in­no­cent peo­ple or an­i­mals.

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