Artei and the Queen of Curves

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Just re­mem­ber­ing the good old days of play­ing TES IV Obliv­ion ^o^

The el­ven chick is the head of the Ac­ro­bats Guild. Be­ing the mas­ter of ac­ro­bat­ics she can jump off a buld­ing with­out dam­ag­ing her­self a bit. It's al­so com­plete­ly harm­less for her to bend her body in al­most every way, which is al­ways easy mon­ey if per­formed in the street, and of course it's use­ful for strik­ing all kinds of se­duc­tive pos­es ^^

As for Artei, I think he'd be ex­treme­ly in­ter­est­ed in be­com­ing a mem­ber of the Ac­ro­bats Guild, as ac­ro­bat­ics has al­ways been his great­est pas­sion. And of course the game needs more guilds :3

Then of course he'd fall in love with the guild mas­ter, and af­ter mar­ry­ing and im­preg­nat­ing her, Artei him­self can be­come the guild mas­ter XD Nice side-quest, eh?

Sad­ly the Ac­ro­bats Guild is nowhere to be found in the ac­tu­al game, but at least the Ac­ro­bat­ics skill ac­tu­al­ly does ex­ist and it does pre­vent in­juries from falling :3 Not sure about bend­ing in every way but I once hacked the game to be able to do some con­tor­tions:

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