Arlen's Dance 2

Just to re­mind, in Arlen's dance his legs rep­re­sent a snake and the top of his body rep­re­sents a bird.

This dance is very dy­nam­ic and re­quires a very large stage like every bal­let dance, how­ev­er, it has a part where "the snake" al­most cap­tures "the swan" and there's a lot of ex­treme con­tor­tion go­ing on, per­formed up­on a tree stump prop (his mom's most fa­vorite part nat­u­ral­ly), so I want­ed to de­pict that mo­ment ^.^

This par­tic­u­lar pose re­quires strength in the arms to hold the shoul­ders up against the thighs and al­so good neck mus­cles to hold the head up. It looks very dra­mat­ic in mo­tion, ap­pear­ing as if the bird is slow­ly mak­ing its way out of the snake's death­ly em­brace, fur­ther and fur­ther un­til it breaks free as de­pict­ed.

De­spite look­ing harsh to the au­di­ence, the tree stump's sur­face is ac­tu­al­ly made of a cush­iony ma­te­r­i­al and cov­ered with a silky cloth, mak­ing the con­tor­tion move­ments easy and smooth. No re­al wood was used in the mak­ing of this prop.

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