Arlen's Dance

This is a dance I just in­vent­ed for my new adopt­ed elf Arlen, it sym­bol­izes the fight be­tween a swan and a snake.

The top of his body is dressed as a swan, while his legs sym­bol­ize a snake. The snake tries to bite the swan and the swan tries to fly away. Now add beau­ty and el­e­gance and you get the dance ^.^

I won this char­ac­ter in a lot­tery that Aldric made, so he be­came mine and I had to give him a name and a sto­ry, so in this first draw­ing of him I will al­so tell his sto­ry that he made me think of! ^o^

Arlen's mom was one of those par­ents who al­ready know what to make of their chil­dren be­fore they're even born. She had a dream that one day her lit­tle son would be­come a great con­tor­tion­ist, and maybe he would be so good at it that he'd in­vent a whole new pose or two, so since in­fan­cy she pre­pared him for the con­tor­tion school.

On the year when he had to choose a teacher, he wasn't forced to go to the con­tor­tion school but was giv­en the free­dom of choice as such was the cus­tom: one choos­es his own fu­ture.

His mom was pret­ty sure that she had pre­pared and in­spired him well and that the boy would choose con­tor­tion as a spe­cial­i­ty any­way. She al­ready taught him to do the splits, put his feet be­hind his head, his back­bend was al­so very good and he could touch with the back of his head not on­ly his own feet like many chil­dren can, but even his own butt.

His mom was very proud of her­self and thought that she had done an amaz­ing work, if her son can do all this al­ready at the age of 6, be­fore even en­ter­ing the school, then by the age of 16 he will sure­ly be the bright­est star in the sky!

While his moth­er was day­dream­ing, the boy was shown around many many dif­fer­ent class­es and all of a sud­den he chose the teacher of bal­let dance out of the many teach­ers he met. What he saw in that class got him hooked up on bal­let im­me­di­ate­ly.

But he didn't want to make his mom un­hap­py, so he went to the teacher of con­tor­tion as well. It was against all tra­di­tions to learn two spe­cial­i­ties but the boy was so sweet when ask­ing for it that the teacher just couldn't say no.

The two teach­ers talked and agreed to make an ex­cep­tion for Arlen, so the teacher of bal­let dance agreed to de­mand more of the boy's flex­i­bil­i­ty dur­ing the bal­let work­outs, and the teacher of con­tor­tion said that he will make the boy fo­cus on more ac­tive, dy­nam­ic stretch­es, rather than sta­t­ic or pas­sive, so that he could learn to move freely in ex­treme ways, while the bal­let teacher would then re­fine these moves and make sure they look el­e­gant and not clum­sy.

Tak­ing two class­es at once was hard but in the fol­low­ing 10 years Arlen mas­tered a very unique style of bal­let danc­ing that made his dances very pop­u­lar. He let his body flow through very ex­treme shapes on the stage while not los­ing the rhythm and el­e­gance of the dance, and his mom al­ways hugged him af­ter­wards and cried of hap­pi­ness be­cause her lit­tle son grew in­to such a beau­ti­ful and tal­ent­ed young man and what he was do­ing on the stage was even more beau­ti­ful than what she was hop­ing for.

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