Arcus: The 360 Oversplit

Ar­cus get­ting warmed up for his fi­nal dance at one of the an­nu­al fes­ti­vals. This dance is rarely per­formed as it takes so much flex­i­bil­i­ty that it's very hard to find a suf­fi­cient dancer, that's why this dance is al­ways a very spe­cial event with a lot of peo­ple gath­er­ing to watch it.

Not the whole dance is based on con­tor­tions but there's a cer­tain mo­ment which is the most dif­fi­cult where the dancer slides in a split on the floor and then two as­sis­tants start lift­ing his feet high­er and high­er, stretch­ing his legs un­til his feet touch each oth­er above his head. Be­cause it's so dif­fi­cult it wasn't per­formed for sev­er­al years al­ready, so every­one was amazed when this new slave Ar­cus sud­den­ly be­came a can­di­date for this dance.

Ex­treme stretch­ing wasn't Ar­cus' own pas­sion, but af­ter he was en­slaved it was de­cid­ed to make him a danc­ing con­tor­tion­ist, it was a rather ran­dom de­ci­sion be­cause the King sim­ply saw a dream about a bendy dancer who looked very much like Ar­cus, but af­ter Ar­cus' train­ing start­ed it was dis­cov­ered that he was lit­er­al­ly born to be­come a con­tor­tion­ist.

His joints were al­ways so pli­ant and invit­ing to try and push a lit­tle fur­ther that his train­er was al­ways too tempt­ed to go deep­er and he wouldn't let Ar­cus go un­til he was done with him. Ob­vi­ous­ly Ar­cus was the best trainee he had in years, so some­times they worked for 3 or 4 hours straight. For the first cou­ple of weeks Ar­cus cried a lot but af­ter his body adapt­ed to this new life style he start­ed feel­ing more and more light and healthy, he learned a lot of bends that on­ly few oth­er dancers could do and was the ob­vi­ous can­di­date for the main an­nu­al dance.

Even though Ar­cus was so gift­ed it was still a lot of hard work, he had to get up in the ear­ly morn­ing and al­ready start work­ing on his splits, then the main warm­ing up be­gan with his train­er and last­ed for al­most 3 hours, hold­ing a deep­er and deep­er stretch for 5 min­utes at a time as shown in the pic­ture, un­til both feet could ful­ly step on the ground.

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