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Ar­cus was the prince of a tribe of demons who lived on Yu­nia long be­fore it was called that. These demons were fas­ci­nat­ed by small waists, spe­cial­ly the no­bil­i­ty that could ded­i­cate a whole day to this prac­tice.

No won­der this tribe of dandies was eas­i­ly con­quered by the more pow­er­ful demons led by king As­modeus, luck­i­ly Ar­cus man­aged to sur­vive by be­com­ing the king's per­son­al slave­boy.

But the deal was quite pri­cy: in or­der to be left alive, Ar­cus had to learn the art of con­tor­tion to please his new mas­ter. Some time ago king As­modeus saw a dream in which a sil­ver-haired slave­boy was oiled up and bend­ing in most won­drous ways. Af­ter meet­ing Ar­cus in re­al life, As­modeus was very sur­prised and de­cid­ed to spare the boy's life to make that dream come true one day.

The be­gin­ning was tough, but over time Ar­cus start­ed to en­joy the stretch­es and even fell in love with his cap­tur­er. Af­ter he ful­filled the king's dream, he was grant­ed free­dom as a re­ward but re­mained by the king's side.

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