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Ar­cus was the crowned prince of a small tribe of demons who val­ued every­thing small: they had a very small ter­ri­to­ry and a very small pop­u­la­tion that was very fas­ci­nat­ed with very small waists.

No won­der that such a tribe of dandies was con­quered by the more pow­er­ful de­mon­ic folk even­tu­al­ly, but thank­ful­ly Ar­cus man­aged to se­duce their leader As­modeus and the tra­di­tion of tight-belt­ing flour­ished once again in the new en­vi­ron­ment.

But the pact was quite pri­cy: to please his new mas­ter, Ar­cus had to learn the art of con­tor­tion­ism, as As­modeus sud­den­ly saw a dream in which the sil­ver-haired de­mon­boy was all oiled up and bend­ing in most won­drous ways. As­modeus asked if Ar­cus was will­ing to make that dream come true...

The be­gin­ning was tough, but over time not on­ly Ar­cus grew to love be­ing stretched but more im­por­tant­ly he fell in love with his cap­tur­er and thus re­turned his prince­ly sta­tus.

Lat­er, Ar­cus was cho­sen as one of the five am­bas­sadors to the mor­tal realm.

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