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Ar­cus was born in Pyra­midia, the very mid­dle of Hell, and by tra­di­tion this king­dom has to be gov­erned by the five princes of mixed blood in or­der to con­nect the cen­ter with the four oth­er great in­fer­nal king­doms. Ar­cus, for one, is a link to Fros­theim, so that ex­plains why he has the sil­ver hair like the jo­tuns of Fros­theim, and the dark skin like the imps of Pyra­midia.

In his teens he was sud­den­ly kid­napped by the pow­er­ful king As­modeus, the ruler of Ti­ta­nia. In cap­tiv­i­ty he was forced to mas­ter the art of con­tor­tion­ism, not just be­cause demons com­mon­ly en­joy see­ing the bod­ies twist­ed in ex­treme ways, but rather thanks to the dream that As­modeus saw, where a sil­ver-haired boy was con­tort­ing in unimag­in­able ways, so As­modeus sim­ply de­cid­ed to make these vi­sions re­al.

Need­less to say how much Ar­cus cried dur­ing his first weeks as a slave, but once he adapt­ed a bit he was very sur­prised to feel that his body ac­tu­al­ly en­joyed every­thing that was be­ing done to it, and his eyes, as much as it was hard to ad­mit, re­al­ly en­joyed his cap­tur­er's gor­geous body. It didn't take long be­fore Ar­cus com­plete­ly fell in love with As­modeus and re­mained by his side even af­ter the oth­er king­doms forced As­modeus to free the young prince. Of course, Ar­cus had to re­turn to gov­ern Pyra­midia, but now he would vis­it his beloved tor­men­tor al­most every day. God bless the de­mon­ic por­tals!


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