Andrzej's training

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Al­bert and Fiona Di­et­rich ar­gued for a long time, should the boy be­come a front­ben­der or a back­ben­der, as Al­bert him­self was spe­cial­iz­ing in front­bends, while Fiona was a back­bend­ing ex­pert.

It was a hard choice since the boy's unique flex­i­bil­i­ty in the hips could make him a leg­end at front­bend­ing or back­bend­ing, but he'd most like­ly stay mediocre if they went both ways at once. In the end Fiona won be­cause she didn't have her own "num­ber 1" pupil, while Al­bert al­ready had Na­talya, his "num­ber 1" stu­dent:

So af­ter this ar­gu­ment, both agreed it's on­ly fair to go with back­bend­ing. Since then Fiona would spend 2 hours a day ex­clu­sive­ly with An­drzej and the boy pro­gressed so rapid­ly that soon Al­bert al­so had to join to help around with stretch­ing as An­drzej lit­er­al­ly be­came dif­fi­cult to han­dle for just one train­er.

An­drzej him­self was re­al­ly hap­py with all the things he was taught to do, he was born with dou­ble joint­ed legs and al­ways loved play­ing around with them even be­fore he met the Di­et­richs, but now that his back was al­so flex­i­ble... oh boy, he couldn't get enough of the cud­dly feel­ing of hav­ing his butt sit­ting on his own up­per back. At first it was very ex­cit­ing but at the same time made his spinal col­umn and chest feel so tense, so it was very an­noy­ing, but week af­ter week it be­came eas­i­er and in the end he couldn't feel his back­bone at all, just like in any nor­mal pose.

The triple­fold be­came so usu­al that An­drzej grew to like falling asleep in that pose be­cause it was so warm and com­fy and for some rea­son sleep­ing in a triple­fold al­ways gave him very pleas­ant dreams.

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