Andrzej's Exclusive

Many of our read­ers might re­mem­ber that we pub­lished some pic­tures of the Pol­ish con­tor­tion­ist An­drzej Kowal­czyk ear­li­er this year. An­drzej is cur­rent­ly on a big tour with his cir­cus and we phoned his train­er, Fiona Di­et­rich, to ask if it was some­how pos­si­ble to in­ject a very quick in­ter­view in­to his very busy sched­ule some­day soon, and maybe get some spe­cial pho­to of An­drzej ex­clu­sive­ly for the Dai­ly Bend. As soon as Mrs. Di­et­rich heard the name of the mag­a­zine, she im­me­di­ate­ly agreed, ex­plain­ing that both her and An­drzej have been the biggest fans of our pe­ri­od­i­cal. She said that her and An­drzej are in a ho­tel room right now, get­ting ready for bed, but An­drzej wants to give the in­ter­view right away, so she passed the hand­set to him.

Good evening, An­drzej!
"Good evening! Your mag­a­zine is re­al­ly in­spir­ing to me!"

We'll be su­per proud to print these words and as­sure you that the in­spi­ra­tion flows from you to us, as well! So how are you hold­ing up? I heard you do up to three shows per day! You got­ta be su­per tired.
"I'm tired. I re­al­ly want­ed to do the in­ter­view, but then me and my train­er are go­ing to bed."

An­drzej, you sure­ly have one of the deep­est back­bends the world has ever seen. Any par­tic­u­lar se­cret of get­ting that far?
"I have a great train­er. And I nev­er stop prac­tic­ing."

As in, you stretch the en­tire day?

But don't you have to go to school?
"No. I have pri­vate teach­ers and I al­so like to read."

What kind of job do you want to get when you can no longer do con­tor­tion? Sor­ry if the ques­tion is a bit sad...
"No prob­lem, I've been think­ing of that a lot my­self. I want to start a con­tor­tion school for chil­dren."

Oh, that's such a nice dream! I'm sure it will be in­stant­ly pop­u­lar and all of your fans will want to have their kids train at your school.
"Yes, I'm look­ing for­ward to that."

But back to your­self. Are you able to sleep well af­ter so much ex­cit­ing bend­ing through the day?
"I have to do a cool down. And then I can sleep well."

That's re­al­ly in­ter­est­ing! Can you please ex­plain this cool down process to our read­ers?
"Umm. When I go to bed, first I have to stretch to the max­i­mum for a few min­utes. Then for a few more min­utes I on­ly bend in half with­out go­ing fur­ther. Then I bend my back on­ly nine­ty de­grees, push­ing my hands against the bed, then I re­lax and un­bend more, slow­ly get on my el­bows, un­til my back un­bends com­plete­ly and then my back is flat, I just drop my face on­to the pil­low and say good night... My train­er says 'flat tired.' (gig­gles) Yes, I'm flat tired, no more bend­ing for to­day. All fur­ther bend­ing to­mor­row!" (gig­gles more)

Just as amus­ing as every­thing you do! I'm sure our more ad­vanced read­ers would great­ly ap­pre­ci­ate this tip!
"I can ask my train­er to take pic­tures if you want."

That would be ab­solute­ly fan­tas­tic, An­drzej! It would be very orig­i­nal to see you bend­ing in pa­ja­mas!
"Ac­tu­al­ly, I wear on­ly briefs at night..."

Oh! As you usu­al­ly per­form in a full body­suit, see­ing you bend­ing just in briefs would sure­ly blow the minds of all our read­ers!
"Yes, you asked for a spe­cial pho­to. I'll try my best with it and hope you will be pleased."

You must be in the mood to do it right now, so let's end this in­ter­view, so you can work on your amaz­ing su­per spe­cial pho­to and then hope­ful­ly have a won­der­ful and rest­ful night!
"Thanks! You too. I'll do what I can... and I can't wait to sleep."

There's a tra­di­tion to ask for any last words at the end of an in­ter­view, but be­cause I know that you're very tired al­ready, feel free to just say good night!
"Umm. I want­ed to say, I'm so hap­py that what I can do makes peo­ple so hap­py." (gig­gles)

What a won­der­ful end­ing!.. Stay lim­ber, An­drzej! And bend dai­ly!
"Thanks! Good night."

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