Androids: Brief History

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Cy­ber­Skin Inc is ac­tive­ly work­ing on sta­bi­liz­ing their first Gen4 An­droid! :3

Now, just a brief his­to­ry...

Gen1 An­droids were prim­i­tive ma­chines, the very first ex­per­i­ments with ro­bots in the hu­manoid form, ba­si­cal­ly just metal­lic car­cass­es wrapped in some mecha "cloth­ing". Many ex­ter­nal de­tails made of met­al were shame­less­ly ex­posed, while the face was prac­ti­cal­ly non-ex­is­tent. How­ev­er, the very first ex­per­i­ments were made in the field of ro­bot­ic con­tor­tion­ism, but even though they were able to eas­i­ly fold up and twist their joints to any de­gree, they still some­how looked rigid com­pared to the hu­man con­tor­tion­ist pro­to­types.

Gen2 An­droids gained hu­manoid faces and per­fect bod­ies. Their body­suits repli­cat­ed the gen­er­al fash­ion at the time of their cre­ation, thus the on­ly way to tell an an­droid from a hu­man was notic­ing their heads that were very pret­ty but still doll-like. That, and they didn't have re­al skin un­der­neath these body­suits, so there was no talk about sexy strip­ping ro­bots yet... But still, their move­ments were re­al­ly im­proved, though their danc­ing rou­tines usu­al­ly con­sist­ed of very sim­ple and short loops, due to the lack of da­ta stor­age.

Gen3 was on­ly made pos­si­ble af­ter the in­ven­tion of ar­ti­fi­cial skin, which is a ma­te­r­i­al that feels very sim­i­lar to hu­manoid skin. To cel­e­brate this dis­cov­ery, the an­droids of the 3rd gen­er­a­tion proud­ly ex­posed as much skin as pos­si­ble, which al­so be­came an easy way to tell an­droids from re­al peo­ple, since they oth­er­wise looked al­most com­plete­ly hu­man! Thank­ful­ly, an­droids couldn't catch a cold! :3 The da­ta stor­age al­so gained a fan­tas­tic im­prove­ment, now able to store tens of hours of dif­fer­ent move­ments, as well as gen­er­ate new move­ments us­ing the en­hanced A.I.! Mo­tion cap­ture and rag­doll modes were al­so added, al­low­ing for al­most un­lim­it­ed amount of fun!

It be­came a so­cial­ly ac­cept­able norm for Gen3 An­droids to walk around nude, as if they were works of art. What re­al­ly made it pos­si­ble is that Gen3 did not fea­ture gen­i­tals, so on­ly male gen­i­talia could be at­tached as third-par­ty add-ons pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly. The fe­male gen­i­talia was not even an op­tion, no idea what de­sign­ers were think­ing but at least the anal cav­i­ty was built in­to all mod­els by de­fault, though it was noth­ing but a sim­ple flesh­light in essence.

Gen4 made the next break-through and the skin was no longer craft­ed but grown chem­i­cal­ly, so that on­ly the bones were made of al­loys and stuffed with elec­tron­ics, while the rest was com­plete­ly or­gan­ic ma­te­r­i­al!

The proces­sor cores were dis­trib­uted equal­ly across the whole an­droid body, so that each limb had sev­er­al CPU cores. The hard-work­ing elec­tron­ics al­lowed to make the an­droid bod­ies nat­u­ral­ly warm but the smart dis­tri­b­u­tion of heat kept the body tem­per­a­ture pleas­ant to hu­man touch. Nat­u­ral­ly, more proces­sor units were put in­side the head and hips to in­crease the tem­per­a­ture in­side the an­droid's mouth and oth­er cav­i­ties.

The new gen­er­a­tion was very lim­it­ed in terms of cus­tomiza­tion com­pared to the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions of an­droids that you could cus­tomize every week, when­ev­er you got bored. Now, what­ev­er body was grown once, al­most couldn't be changed. It could but that'd take a re­al surgery and sev­er­al months not be­ing able to see your fa­vorite an­droid while the shape is be­ing mod­i­fied... But so the cus­tomers wouldn't have to wait, Cy­ber­Skin made a lot of pre­set mod­els based on the most pop­u­lar builds from the Gen3 world.

Here for ex­am­ple we can see the Gen4 re­make of Char­lie, one of the top Gen3 mod­els:

So Gen4 felt just like hu­mans in many ways. The hu­man di­ges­tion sys­tem was al­so ful­ly re­pro­duced from the mouth­hole to the ass, so that they're able to con­vert ac­tu­al food in­to pow­er, how­ev­er, they wouldn't get skin­ny or over­weight like hu­mans, since any food would be sim­ply con­vert­ed in­to en­er­gy and stored in­to their bat­ter­ies. The an­droid fe­ces were dif­fer­ent from hu­man, they're prac­ti­cal­ly just minced and com­pressed food that can be safe­ly flushed down the toi­let.

As a fun­ny de­tail, an­droids don't piss but use the con­sumed wa­ter smart­ly to keep their chim­neys clean. They al­so don't col­lect their rub­bish right next to the back­door... but enough about their ass­holes XD

What's re­al­ly im­por­tant, Gen4 had fi­nal­ly in­tro­duced pussies! XD No longer peo­ple had to read su­per long tu­to­ri­als on how to prop­er­ly hack and man­gle their Gen3 an­droids to have some­thing like a vagi­na! :3

How­ev­er, Cy­ber­Skin Inc. de­nies that Gen4 an­droids were mere­ly de­signed as the ide­al sex dolls! Not at all, and here's the proof! Gen4 are in­cred­i­bly ag­ile, flex­i­ble and bal­anced, it is the first gen­er­a­tion of an­droids who can do a bel­ly­dance with deep sexy hipro­lls on top of a ball bal­anc­ing up­on a tight wire, while them­selves bal­anc­ing 5 small­er balls, show­ing off their mo­torics and sen­soric per­cep­tion reach­ing sheer per­fec­tion! :D

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