And This, Too, Shall Pass . . .

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Sasa is a vam­pire boy work­ing as a flex­i­ble strip dancer at the night club Cabaret Noir.

His past was full of the worst mem­o­ries that he care­ful­ly tried to for­get, but some­times he was feel­ing down as the mem­o­ries kept sur­fac­ing back from his dark­est years...

On one of such days his friend Dar­iush was giv­ing him some com­fort. Dar­iush knew a great deal about the an­cient times and al­ways told such ex­ot­ic and erot­ic sto­ries about the an­cient kings and their harems. He al­so prac­ticed con­tor­tion­ism and loved it as much as Sasa, but Sasa had a big­ger ob­ses­sion about Dar­iush, much much big­ger. It was Dar­iush's huge man­hood. It was so huge that Dar­iush prob­a­bly could suck him­self off even if he weren't a con­tor­tion­ist.

Dar­iush's young mus­cled body lay up­on Sasa, push­ing him deep in the soft bed sheets with all his weight, as Sasa wrapped his legs around him, ful­ly open­ing him­self to his part­ner. The heavy man­hood en­tered Sasa, with each long thrust reach­ing such depths in­side him that on­ly Dar­iush could reach.

Af­ter fuck­ing him hard and cum­ming a big load in­side Sasa, Dar­iush re­mained in­side as they en­joyed the play of tongues for a while.
When their lips sep­a­rat­ed, Dar­iush said he had a sur­prise gift for Sasa. Sasa was lay­ing there still a bit ex­haust­ed af­ter such a good fuck, but Dar­iush's strange smirk sud­den­ly made him wor­ry:

"W- what gift? What do you have in mind there, now?"

"Mmm... Sasa, have you heard the leg­end about the an­cient king Solo­man?"

"Doesn't ring a bell..."

"Solo­man," Dar­iush made his voice as dra­mat­ic as he could, "was a pow­er­ful an­cient king. But he was of­ten frus­trat­ed... so one day he asked his ad­vi­sor to bring him a very spe­cial thing. The king didn't know what this thing should be but he de­mand­ed that just by look­ing at it, it would make him hap­py when­ev­er he's sad, or make him sad when­ev­er he's hap­py."

"The ad­vi­sor was com­plete­ly puz­zled by this de­mand," Dar­iush con­tin­ued, "But af­ter a long while he fi­nal­ly re­turned, hold­ing pos­si­bly the biggest dil­do ever craft­ed in the world. On the side of it there was an en­grav­ing: And this, too, shall pass."

Dar­iush grinned and slow­ly pulled the gift from un­der the bed. It was a huge black toy with the same en­grav­ing.

"D- Dar­iush, you re­al­ly think I could...?" Sasa blushed hard, look­ing at the thing with his eyes wide open.

"Why wouldn't we give it a try?" Dar­iush winked.

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