Amtril 2009

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Amtril, the El­ven princess's fa­vorite jester and ac­ro­bat ^-^

I prob­a­bly al­ready told about this gar­den in Teathill where the princess and the jester spend most of the time. It's quite a huge gar­den that looks more like a fairy-tale for­est with a charm­ing flo­ra and lots of al­bi­no her­bi­vores. In this idyl­lic gar­den every­body can freely walk in the nude and the place is of­ten used as a med­i­ta­tion cen­ter by the wrin­kled el­ven gu­rus be­cause the very at­mos­phere is very, umm, non­ma­te­ri­al­is­tic. XD

In oth­er words, the place so reeks of in­fan­tile ide­al­ism that the mod­ern web worm would in­stant­ly drop dead of over­all sil­ly in­no­cence over­dose. XD

Amtril prac­tic­ing his hand­stands on one of the nu­mer­ous idol stat­ues half-buried in­to the grass. But even­tu­al­ly they be­come good bud­dies and Amtril would of­ten strike a pose spe­cial­ly for Yu­ni and try to go for the most pos­si­bly twist­ed one as Yu­ni many time claimed to be head in the clouds about the jester's bendi­ness. How­ev­er, one day Yu­ni de­cid­ed in­stead of con­tor­tions maybe it's time to paint his beau­ti­ful fig­ure AS IS, with just a lit­tle neck­lace made of cher­ries ^-^

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