Amir's Morning

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The boys had fun with amir's body last night but they shouldn't for­get who's in charge in the ami­rate. For the next hour the trou­ble­mak­ers will have to serve as mere pieces of fur­ni­ture, grant­ed, both of them are mas­ters of sta­sis mag­ic and could stay in a frozen trance for hours and hours.

Azair will be a mir­ror hold­er. Who needs fur­ni­ture when you have these pli­ant, youth­ful bod­ies which you can ad­just to per­fec­tion. And Hakim, amir's faith­ful pup­py, will be a com­fy chair for this morn­ing. Oh, love­ly Hakim, he was kiss­ing amir's feet af­ter hear­ing that, his tum­my will be used as a seat in such a de­light­ful way, oh sweet plea­sure to hold his beloved's weight, oh sweet ex­cite­ment... amir had to give him a pinch to bring his pet back to re­al­i­ty.

But first of all, amir needs to take care of his own tum­my, it's still feel­ing too loose af­ter yes­ter­day's play... Hakim com­forts him and kiss­es his navel, while Azair pre­pares the belt. Amir sucks in his emp­ty stom­ach as much as he can and in less than a minute the silky belt is wrapped over the skin­ny ab­domen. Pleas­ant sen­sa­tions of the pres­sure fill the depths of amir's tum­my, Hakim kiss­es his neck and shoul­ders, so pleased to see the de­light on his mas­ter's face, but amir push­es him down, Hakim sub­mis­sive­ly curls up on a pil­low, crawls be­tween his own legs and looks invit­ing­ly at amir.

Amir takes a seat up­on the stretched tum­my and gives Hakim a hard pinch on his tes­ti­cle. The un­ex­pect­ed but de­sir­able pain makes Hakim shiv­er, his every mus­cle trem­bles and he pro­duces a low growl, shrink­ing in­to a hu­man ball so tight that his ribs pop in­to amir's but­tocks for a few sec­onds. Amir fon­dles him lov­ing­ly and the pet's growl slow­ly turns in­to fast pant­i­ng and sniff­ing. His body soft­ens, so pleas­ing, so warm to sit up­on, his breath­ing is re­lax­ing...

In the mean­while beau­ti­ful Azair is al­ready through the first stage of the sta­sis and is pre­pared to be ad­just­ed as need­ed. His arm and leg make an el­e­gant frame for amir's mir­ror, he half-clos­es his eyes and freezes com­plete­ly im­mo­bi­lized and breath­less. Amir ad­mires the liv­ing stat­ue for a while... the per­fect bal­anc­ing on the very toes, the ten­sion of every sin­gle mus­cle in the dancer's well-toned body.

Sud­den­ly Hakim's bel­ly mus­cles con­tract and he lets out a hap­py sniff which brings amir back to sens­es. He looks at his own face in the mir­ror, it's beau­ti­ful, well washed and fresh in the morn­ing, now on­ly to lay a thin lay­er of make­up. In just an hour he will be in the se­cret gar­den to met her... he must look per­fect for her... he hopes, oh he hopes she will be gen­tle... if he man­ages to be beau­ti­ful enough, at least at least she will be a lit­tle bit mer­ci­ful this time... oh the hun­dreds of scars in­vis­i­ble to an eye, oh the nev­erend­ing rhythm of agony and pas­sion, love in its ut­most pu­ri­ty...

Amir and some ideas in this text be­long orig­i­nal­ly to Ne­hcy ©
Azair, Hakim, art and text by yours tru­ly :}

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