Amir's Evening

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It is a game of win­ning or los­ing, young amir must watch the dance of his dancer with­out ex­pos­ing a sex­u­al in­ter­est for it. This is the rule of the game. Amir must lay ful­ly naked with his legs spread apart, so that his man­hood could be seen, and this is how he must watch the dancer. If he can hold him­self, he wins and can do what­ev­er he wants with the dancer and his body, and there are oh so many op­tions... but if he los­es, the dancer will have com­plete free­dom over amir him­self. Fair and square. Amir might be the ruler and the dancer just a ser­vant, but the law is the law and it's been like this for count­less decades...

The dance be­gins, as al­ways very slow­ly just to get in the mood. There's no rush, at first just a lit­tle bit of teas­ing and strip­ping, and once the dancer is ful­ly naked, the re­al show be­gins. His goal in this game is clear but he's not in a hur­ry to win, first he wants to let his beloved amir take as much plea­sure as pos­si­ble from the play it­self.

But amir will not eas­i­ly lose in this game, he is too so­phis­ti­cat­ed to be aroused by sim­ple things that he sees every day and knows by heart al­ready. But this dancer is good, such flex­i­ble and sen­su­al pos­es... amir licks his lips, try­ing hard to not get hard while watch­ing what this dancer can do with his body, the body that has been trained since the month he was born, or so they say.

In this dance shown to amir, no mus­cle is left un­used, no limb is left un­stretched. But amir him­self is pret­ty fit and flex­i­ble, he takes his leg and puts it be­hind his own neck, grin­ning at the dancer. The dancer smiles in re­turn and sud­den­ly winks at amir and comes up with a whole new trick. The rule of no arousal is on­ly for the watch­er and not the per­former, and the dancer has al­ready been hard al­most since the be­gin­ning, spic­ing up every pos­ture with the look of his thick 12 inch long erec­tion. For the new trick he bends down and swal­lows the en­tire 12 inch­es, the balls are al­so sucked in, the meat slow­ly dis­ap­pears be­hind his lips and then re-ap­pears with a deep smack­ing sound, all cov­ered with shiny sali­va, and then im­me­di­ate­ly goes back in­to the will­ing throat at full length, un­til the dancer's lips grasp the very root of the shaft...

It's dif­fi­cult to beat amir in this game but af­ter this much teas­ing he can­not fight any longer, so over­whelmed by lust. Amir be­gins to re­al­ize he doesn't stand a chance against this dancer, but such is the learn­ing curve for the ruler of the ami­rate. Even the high­est roy­al­ty must learn the phi­los­o­phy of sub­mis­sion, not through plain tor­ture but through a fair game. He must get to know and re­mem­ber well what it is like to lose...

Amir gets one hell of an erec­tion, its veins are al­most blue of the ten­sion and the head is like a fresh plum, and that means the dancer comes in full pow­er for this evening. He stands proud­ly over the lay­ing prince, smirk­ing, won­der­ing what he should do with this de­feat­ed teenag­er's body. For this evening on­ly, the dancer gets high­er in the rank than even amir him­self and every­body knows it. So many things he wants to try for his re­ward but al­most all of them might be a bit too ex­treme for the not-so-trained amir... Fi­nal­ly, the dancer claps his hands and or­ders to bring two hookahs, a sy­ringe, mead and some toys. At least they need to start with some­thing... and maybe lat­er in the evening... who knows?

The sy­ringe filled with mead pen­e­trates amir's nip­ples. Sweet pain fills amir's pecks as they ab­sorb a great amount of the nec­tar un­til he grows a cou­ple of beau­ti­ful, smooth, youth­ful breasts. The dancer or­ders amir to pinch his own nip­ples hard, so that the mead wouldn't flow out. Amir has to obey, in the mean­while the sy­ringe pen­e­trates his navel to stuff it with as much hon­ey as it can pos­si­bly hold.

The hookahs are filled not with to­bac­co but with herbs, the spe­cial sort that will make any­one for­get him­self in the burn­ing lust of de­sire. One pipe gets pushed straight in­to amir's ure­thra, very very deep, all the way un­til it reach­es the bot­tom of the blad­der. The sec­ond hookah the dancer re­serves for him­self. But first he must dis­tract amir a lit­tle from the an­noy­ing pain in his chest and bel­ly. This sweet suf­fer­ing will be gone in just a few min­utes, so the dancer comes up with a lit­tle show to win amir's at­ten­tion for a while.

From the many avail­able toys he takes anal beads of six gi­ant balls, each ball al­most twice as big as the dancer's own fist. The dancer turn his back to amir to tease him with the sight of his be­hind, the dancer's hole is sur­pris­ing­ly tight, seem­ing­ly in­ca­pable of tak­ing even one of these large balls. But his fin­gers are al­ready play­ing with the open­ing, stretch­ing it al­most as if by mag­ic, in much less than a minute his whole hand gets swal­lowed by the hun­gry hole, fol­lowed by the en­tire fore­arm up to the el­bow, with the ease of a hot knife get­ting in­to but­ter, mak­ing amir so hard he could dri­ve nails in­to a wood­en plank with his cock. Af­ter mov­ing the fore­arm ful­ly in and out a good num­ber of times to please amir's sight, the dancer adds a sec­ond hand, its fin­gers stretch the ori­fice fur­ther and lit­tle by lit­tle the sec­ond fore­arm slides ful­ly in. He has to curve back­wards deeply, his thin teenag­er's chest is stretched so much it's pos­si­ble to count the ribs. He push­es him­self more and more, his el­bows dis­ap­pear with­in, but he keeps strug­gling to show off his full ca­pac­i­ty. Sweat­ing more and more in­tense­ly, in this fight of his toned limbs against his soft­est in­sides, he push­es his arms in­side his own body al­most to the very shoul­ders, his tor­so is bent, or bet­ter say fold­ed, com­plete­ly in half back­wards, his sculp­turesque ribcage is popped out to the max, mak­ing every de­tail stand out, while both of his arms are buried so deep in­side him­self that his fin­ger­tips can feel the move­ment of his own lungs.

The dancer just can­not hold his own arousal from hav­ing both of his arms ful­ly in­side his own body and re­leas­es a heavy load of cum on the floor. He al­most col­laps­es be­cause of the in­ten­si­ty of his own or­gasm, but finds the pride and en­er­gy to hold him­self to­geth­er some­how... He slow­ly takes his arms and hands out and bends down to the floor on his knees to show to amir the pink in­sides of his ex­treme gape, the walls are of pleas­ant, wine-like red tone, per­fect­ly smooth and shiny clean, thanks to the dai­ly treat­ment with ex­pen­sive oils and creams. The first large ball goes in smooth­ly and then the oth­er three. The dancer gets clos­er to amir and pre­pares a hookah for him­self as well. Un­like amir, he likes to stretch him­self with two pipes at once that both go all the way through his ure­thra in­to his blad­der.

Fi­nal­ly, it's time to pre­pare amir for fur­ther play, the dancer bows for­ward and takes the young prince's balls in­to this mouth, suck­ing on them hard­er and hard­er, then takes one of the balls be­tween his teeth and be­gins to squeeze slow­ly but firm­ly. Amir is pant­i­ng, try­ing to hold it with­in his lungs but the loud­est scream fi­nal­ly fills the room, alarm­ing the mus­cled guards at the door. Al­most cry­ing, amir gives them a sign that it's al­right. He clench­es his own teeth hard, watch­ing as the dancer clench­es his, al­most tak­ing a bite off amir's tes­ti­cle. With a trem­bling hand amir strokes his dancer's hair, en­cour­ag­ing him to go on. The pain is in­tense but pu­ri­fy­ing, it cleans­es his spir­it and pre­pares him for more to come.

But the bit­ing can­not last for long in or­der to not ru­in amir's beau­ti­ful smooth balls that he sure would like to keep for the rest of his life. Af­ter all he is a ruler, not an eu­nuch. And soon the dancer's teeth leave the un­fin­ished fruit alone and his tongue is al­ready run­ning up­ward along amir's shaft, suck­ing on the hard veins of the big youth­ful cock, while his fin­gers are very skill­ful­ly work­ing steadi­ly be­low the roy­al balls, prepar­ing to in­trude amir's anus.

Amir is pant­i­ng and crav­ing to be fi­nal­ly giv­en a re­lease and the dancer's tongue be­gins to work around the most sen­si­tive spots of amir's hard­ened glans around his heav­i­ly stuffed pee­hole, mak­ing him shiv­er, bare­ly hold­ing him­self any­more. The dancer's hand en­ters amir's in­sides and be­gins to move up the stretchy col­umn. It bulges against the wall of amir's bel­ly that makes the mead start to flow out of his navel lit­tle by lit­tle.

Amir is mas­sag­ing his nip­ples be­cause he must hold them un­til the dancer says, but all of a sud­den his pe­nis erupts with such great pow­er that his thick cum flows out even by­pass­ing the pipe. The pow­er of the cumshot sur­pris­es even the dancer, but he glad­ly starts lick­ing amir's cum off his shaft,
per­fect­ly know­ing it's just the first round of a long evening...

Amir and his de­sign, and al­so many ideas in this text, be­long to Ne­hcy ©

Ne­hcy's draw­ing of amir that spawned the whole ob­ses­sion with this boy can be seen here: amir by ne­hcy

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