Alvabrost is a huge park and recre­ation­al cen­ter, its gates are al­ways open wide to tourists. Its forests are cul­ti­vat­ed and full of el­ven hous­es for all the spe­cial pur­pos­es: cafes, mas­sage rooms, bath­hous­es, hair­styl­ists, small inns, etc...

Let's be hon­est about it, Alvabrost is the world's biggest broth­el, you won't meet a sin­gle elf who'd mind of­fer­ing "ex­tra ser­vices" for a price. A few gold coins will eas­i­ly con­vince a hair­styl­ist to serve you naked, or a house­maid in the inn to make some mess first so that there's more to clean up. A sim­ple shoul­der mas­sage can eas­i­ly be turned in­to lingam or nu­ru, and the bath­house keep­ers might clean your body but will sure­ly fill your mind with dirty thoughts for a week.

Alvabrost is al­so home to uni­corns, whose "nec­tar" is used as a heal­ing po­tion that cures all pos­si­ble ill­ness­es, al­though work­ing to ex­tract it can be even more fun.

Most of el­ven gar­dens sup­port nud­ism, though there are ter­ri­to­ries called Se­cret Gar­dens, where clothes are com­plete­ly for­bid­den. These ar­eas are not at all wild and have the whole in­fra­struc­ture of a de­cent vil­lage, ex­cept all pos­si­ble du­ties are car­ried out in the nude.

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