Ruled by the busty Ar­isha, Alvabrost is a huge park and recre­ation­al cen­ter, its gates are al­ways open wide to tourists. Its forests are cul­ti­vat­ed and full of el­ven hous­es for all the spe­cial pur­pos­es: cafes, mas­sage rooms, bath­hous­es, hair­styl­ists, small inns, etc...

Un­of­fi­cial­ly and se­cret­ly, Alvabrost is... let's be hon­est about it, the world's biggest broth­el ever known. You won't meet a sin­gle elf who'd mind of­fer­ing "ex­tra ser­vices" for a price. A few gold coins will eas­i­ly con­vince a hair­styl­ist to serve you naked, or a house­maid in the inn to make some mess first so that there's more for her to clean. A sim­ple shoul­der mas­sage can eas­i­ly be turned in­to lingam or nu­ru, and the bath­house keep­ers might clean your body but will sure­ly fill your mind with dirty thoughts for a week.

The elves had be­come "a race of pros­ti­tutes", as the evil tongues call them, a long time ago, when they were still adapt­ing to the cru­el­ties of life. They were the first in the world to come up with the idea of sell­ing sex­u­al ser­vices for mon­ey, which lat­er be­came a thing all over the world. Us­ing their beau­ti­ful bod­ies they gained pro­tec­tion of the most pow­er­ful peo­ple, de­spite them­selves be­ing both weak and sil­ly. But they have al­ways been sexy and that be­came their key to sur­vival.

The el­ven bod­ies are nat­u­ral­ly lithe and ex­treme­ly sup­ple. As kids they can eas­i­ly snap in half back­wards, do the splits or tug their belts to the wasp's pro­por­tions with­out even train­ing. To them these abil­i­ties are as­so­ci­at­ed with youth, so in their de­sire to re­main youth­ful for as long as pos­si­ble, elves usu­al­ly put a lot of ef­fort in­to con­tor­tion, to not let their bod­ies stiff­en as they ma­ture.

If a vir­gin elf goes to the Tem­ple of Vir­go, she can be blessed with di­vine preg­nan­cy and give birth to a uni­corn. The born crea­ture is a mix­ture of the el­ven body and the uni­corn body of the god Vir­go. Since a vir­gin elf is an oxy­moron, uni­corns are rare and tak­en a great care of. Typ­i­cal­ly a uni­corn lives in a nud­ist gar­den in the com­pa­ny of elves who take care of him and col­lect his nec­tar. This nec­tar has heal­ing prop­er­ties and can eas­i­ly cure all forms of STD, which is ex­treme­ly use­ful for the elves. Col­lect­ing the nec­tar is very easy as all uni­corns are very horny crea­tures, but be­side that they al­so en­joy var­i­ous artis­tic hob­bies: paint­ing, danc­ing, mu­sic, con­tor­tion, etc.

Greater Uni­corns are the rarest kind: they have a horse head and a huge nec­tar can­non. Be­cause of their rar­i­ty they usu­al­ly serve in the roy­al gar­den in Nip­pledell.

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