Ruled by the naughty Lu­cianus, Al­shara is not a reg­u­lar king­dom with sim­ple cit­i­zens, fam­i­lies and stuff. It is the home of oc­cultists, those who be­long to the Oc­cult Or­der. It's right­ful­ly called "the gates to Hell" for its tight con­nec­tion with the in­fer­nal world and fre­quent prac­tices of de­mon sum­mon­ings. This vol­canic land is full of dun­geons of all pur­pos­es, from rit­u­al sites to tor­ture cham­bers.

BDSM is the the na­tion­al sport of this province, it stands for Butts, Dicks and Sexy Men/Maids. It is a game of play­ful hu­mil­i­a­tion, dur­ing which the mas­ters help their slaves to get the de­sir­able dose of en­dor­phins us­ing a large va­ri­ety of tools. Slav­ery is wide spread across the land and wher­ev­er you go it's im­pos­si­ble to es­cape the sound of sweet moans and even dis­tant screams from some­where un­der­ground.

The biggest dun­geon in Raas-il-Zub, the city that was built by demons, is the Tem­ple of Aries, which con­tains the huge por­tal straight to hell. The Tem­ple is in­fest­ed by sexy imps who vis­it­ed to take a look at the mor­tal plane.

Aside from the dun­geons, the province has some gold and di­a­mond mines, where naked mus­cled men work hard while be­ing whipped and pun­ished for lazi­ness by their dark mis­tress­es... a great use of both gen­ders, while at the same time help­ing the oc­cultists with im­por­tant in­gre­di­ents for the sum­mon­ing rit­u­als.

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