All the truth about Basil

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This is my new char­ac­ter Basil :3 He was orig­i­nal­ly in­spired by his own old­er broth­er Rayn, a pro­fes­sion­al con­tor­tion­ist work­ing in a cir­cus. Basil kept ask­ing his big bro if he could do the bendy thing too, so Rayn even­tu­al­ly agreed to teach his adorable long-haired lit­tle bro the ba­sics be­cause...why not??
Fol­low­ing his broth­er, Basil first en­tered a cir­cus to work as a con­tor­tion­ist. His per­for­mance was en­tire­ly fam­i­ly-friend­ly to the point of mak­ing him feel sil­ly. And those po­lit­i­cal ap­plauds... Did he spend so much time learn­ing to do in­cred­i­ble things to get just that? That ques­tion hanged in the air in front of him un­til one day it was fi­nal­ly re­solved.

One day he was hav­ing a drink with friends at a night club, watch­ing pole dancers for the first time. He was quite amazed at the amount of com­pli­ments and cheer­ing the night club's crowd was giv­ing to those dancers, while the dancers tried their best to im­press. This place seemed full of life, the bare­ly dressed dancers looked so beau­ti­ful and sexy and some­how so nat­ur­al in this en­vi­ron­ment. Basil didn't know whether to en­vy them or praise them. In the end, he de­cid­ed to sim­ply join them.

The process was supris­ing­ly sim­ple for him and in a few days he was al­ready hired as a dancer, de­spite he didn't have any pole danc­ing skills at all. But he was in­sane­ly flex­i­ble thanks to the help of his old­er bro and his own hard work, and that was the sole rea­son why he was tak­en.

Oth­er dancers taught him the ba­sics of act­ing on the stage and work­ing around the pole, but every­body as­sured him that wouldn't be nec­es­sary be­cause hon­est­ly he could just show off all those spine-snap­ping move­ments he knew so well and that would be enough to make any au­di­ence feel hot.

But Basil didn't want to look sil­ly on the stage, he had had enough silli­ness in the cir­cus and nev­er want­ed to do any­thing sil­ly in his life again. He fig­ured out that the op­po­site of sil­ly was hot, so he gave an oath to do on­ly hot things from now on.

So he gave him­self a promise to mas­ter the pole in every pos­si­ble way, but that's a sto­ry for the next time! :3

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