Alien Slave

Yes­ter­day Aldric told me about a new char­ac­ter who re­al­ly cap­tured my at­ten­tion so I had to draw some­thing about him XD

His name is Shar­rhi Arith and he's an ex­treme­ly rich alien and a col­lec­tor of slaves, but on­ly very spe­cial slaves. Since he loves to play with boys and al­so loves flex­i­ble bod­ies, he has spent many years col­lect­ing young male con­tor­tion­ists from all around the uni­verse!

The full sto­ry about this su­per rich and re­spect­ed alien and all the de­tails about his per­vy harem is now avail­able! ^.^

This par­tic­u­lar slave for ex­am­ple be­longs to the alien race that lives in deep seas and there­fore they are blind and have a very soft skele­tal struc­ture due to the great un­der­wa­ter pres­sure. Shar­rhi built a huge aquar­i­um spe­cial­ly for this slave, it even has the re­quired pres­sure so that he could feel at home.

Shar­rhi has al­so col­lect­ed re­al­ly a lot of oth­er flex­i­ble aliens, each one very ex­pen­sive and rare :3

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