Academy Awards

Awards in var­i­ous cat­e­gories to en­cour­age every­one to pol­ish their best sides to per­fec­tion!! :3

Gold­en Snail - for the most flex­i­ble body!
Gold­en Bull - for the hard­est curves!
Gold­en Wasp - for the small­est waist!
Gold­en Pan­ther - for the sleek­est tor­so!
Gold­en Kit­ty - for sweet­est hon­ey pot!
Gold­en Don­key - for the hottest buns!
Gold­en Urchin - for the most bizarre act XD

There were three more planned but I need­ed a break so maybe I'll add them in the fu­ture!

Gold­en Bird - for the most ap­pe­tiz­ing sausage
Gold­en Cow - for the most hyp­no­tiz­ing mel­ons
Gold­en Doll - for the most smotcha­li­cious* loins XD

*smotch = smooth crotch XD

See al­so

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