A Touch of the Sun

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Ju­ra is the youngest son of the God of the Skies. He has two el­der broth­ers and a twin-sis­ter. All of them take care of the Sun char­i­ot, each dur­ing their own sea­son, bring­ing light and fer­til­i­ty to the world of the liv­ing. Ju­ra speci­fi­cial­ly tra­vers­es teh skies in the late spring and ear­ly sum­mer. He is as­so­ci­at­ed with plant­i­ng of crops and flow­er­ing of wild veg­e­ta­tion af­ter the win­ter pe­ri­od.

He is be­lieved to have a very fem­i­nine and ever youth­ful ap­pear­ance; dur­ing the fes­tiv­i­ties ded­i­cat­ed to him, he is de­pict­ed by a beau­ti­ful boy, or a girl dressed like a man, rid­ing on a horse.

The ac­tor play­ing him is hired from a very dis­tant vil­lage, so that no­body ex­cept the el­ders would know where he comes from and where he goes af­ter the fes­ti­val is over. It's all kept se­cret, but very of­ten, af­ter all is over, some young men des­per­ate­ly try to find that vil­lage where he came from. Some­times they suc­ceed, some­times af­ter years of search­ing, but some­times not, and then it is be­lieved that it was Ju­ra him­self who vis­it­ed the earth. Some­times it is true.

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