A passage to Hell

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It was just a par­o­dy on that cliché theme where the hero is fac­ing a strong wind but the scene was moved to hell where winds are spe­cial­ly strong and no­body cares to wear un­der­wear be­cause in In­fe­ria un­der­wear is treat­ed just like gloves. If you wear it, you look cool, if you don't, no­body will even no­tice.

Any­way, this is Ar­cus, the ex-Prince of Pyra­midia, now a slave in Ti­ta­nia. His fig­ure looks a lit­tle strange, but think­ing of the many con­tor­tions he's used to do to en­ter­tain the king... 9.9

It's al­so one of the very few pic­tures of him with­out a belt be­cause sev­er­al peo­ple asked what his waist would look with­out it...^^;

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