A New Elf in the Village

These pic­ture and sto­ry are very sim­ple and short be­cause I made it to re­gain a lit­tle con­fi­dence in my art be­cause re­cent­ly I've been hav­ing trou­bles with col­or­ing and it's been get­ting more ug­ly over time in­stead of more mas­ter­ful... So I felt if I tried some­thing com­plex, I'd end up with some frus­trat­ing art block but I still re­al­ly want­ed to draw, so I de­cid­ed to keep it sexy & sim­ple XD

Very few elves in the Ori­en­tal vil­lage have seen a dark skinned elf be­fore, so when Ar­il Fi­nastye ar­rived, every­body found him in­cred­i­bly charm­ing. He got ad­mired even more once it be­came clear that he's mov­ing to the Ori­en­tal vil­lage to live and study with Isaë Athandaliel, a fa­mous con­tor­tion train­er. That news made all the elves who al­ready ad­mired him even hap­pi­er, and they couldn't wait to see this beau­ti­ful boy per­form­ing.

Ar­il was learn­ing his lessons very quick­ly, as if by mag­ic, and very soon he was al­ready able to do sim­ple pos­es, and then even some ad­vanced pos­es. His train­er Isaë had a lot of very in­ter­est­ing plans for the boy.

Be­cause of their every­day close­ness, the teacher and the stu­dent fell in love, and so Ar­il de­cid­ed that he will live in the vil­lage even af­ter his stud­ies. But Isaë on­ly smiled at that and gave his pupil a ten­der hug: "You say 'af­ter the stud­ies' in such a se­ri­ous voice, as if you re­al­ly be­lieve that con­tor­tion stud­ies can ever be com­plet­ed! Con­tor­tion is free­dom, that means you'll al­ways have a lot of room for im­prove­ment, no mat­ter if you're a new­bie or have ten years of prac­tice be­hind your back, it's al­ways ex­cit­ing to push your­self a lit­tle more!"

Ar­il smiled and kissed his still young but al­ready so wise teacher on the cheek. "I love you, mas­ter Isaë, and I can't wait to learn all these new things from you!" And af­ter this short con­ver­sa­tion they got back to train­ing, Ar­il was so ex­cit­ed that he trained for a whole re­main­ing evening un­til Isaë called him to bed be­cause it was night­time and all the very soft sheets and pil­lows were pa­tient­ly wait­ing for them.

Ori­en­tal vil­lage and its con­cepts be­long to Aldric
Ar­il was de­signed by me, though I dis­cussed his sto­ry with Aldric ^^ He al­so orig­i­nal­ly ap­peared in the Twelve Months pic­ture as Ju­ly:

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