37 Vertebras

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In­cred­i­ble things would be pos­si­ble if on­ly the tor­so was just a tiny bit longer!

Alex was born with a very strange body, al­though at first it seemed more like he's just very tall and skin­ny but af­ter 7 years of life his body be­came so un­usu­al that he was sent for a med­ical check and for the first time it was de­ter­mined that his spinal cord had 4 ver­te­bras more than the norm!

Nor­mal­ly hu­man be­ings have 33 ver­te­bras, al­though at times, very rarely, peo­ple can be found to have 34 ver­te­bras, which so far was the max­i­mum, but Alex was the first case of a hu­man be­ing hav­ing 37 ver­te­bras.

Alex's skin­ny tor­so was so long that his body looked sim­ply un­re­al, al­most like a snake or a worm. His par­ents some­how weren't very suprised when Alex be­came in­ter­est­ed in con­tor­tion, and even his doc­tor agreed that flex­i­bil­i­ty train­ing would be the best ther­a­py for the boy's triple-joint­ed spine.

At the age of 19 he de­cid­ed that he wants to start mak­ing mon­ey off his skills and got hired as a per­former by the fetish club Meat Cave, where he could fi­nal­ly do ex­act­ly the type of thing he want­ed to do the most and be­come known as the most ex­tra­or­di­nary hu­man in the world.

His new au­di­ence sim­ply couldn't get enough of his very spe­cial body. It was an au­di­ence where many peo­ple ei­ther had body mod­i­fi­ca­tions or an in­ter­est in bdsm, con­tor­tion and oth­er ex­treme things, so Alex in­stant­ly be­came some sort of a de­ity and was lit­er­al­ly wor­shipped.

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