1001 Nights of Training

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Once up­on a time there was a sul­tan who was fond of var­i­ous won­drous things but noth­ing could please his eyes more than a sight of ex­treme­ly flex­i­ble body po­si­tions done by his beau­ti­ful women, so he had a whole harem of beau­ties work­ing out day and night just to train them­selves to bend in the ways he liked.

His name was Al'Hazbend and he lived an ex­treme­ly long life of 100 years and raised sev­er­al gen­er­a­tions of body ben­ders, most of whom worked on their spinal ex­ten­sions since birth and de­vel­oped their back­bones to the point where the sul­tan had to be very in­ven­tive to think of any new twists they could not do yet. He spe­cial­ly loved walk­ing through his harem's train­ing rooms to watch over the progress of his beau­ties.

Need­less to say, that body bend­ing re­mained a pop­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ty for women all over the coun­try dur­ing the whole time of his rule, as it was quite pos­si­ble for a poor beg­gar girl to get in the sul­tan's palace mere­ly by show­ing off in the mar­ket­place what her par­ents taught her to do. Sure­ly it was hard to over­come the women of the harem, all trained by strong and skill­ful harem guards, but it was a re­al­is­tic dream to have, es­pe­cial­ly for girls who were blessed by God to have been born nat­u­ral­ly flex­i­ble.

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